Wildone Baking Sheets With Silicone Mats

Wildone Baking Sheets With Silicone Mats

One of the best things to happen to baking sheets has been silicone mats.  Most bakers hated greasing a pan, it usually ended up burning and food still stuck to it.  Parchment paper works well but is awkward and creates waste.  Then came silicone and the baking mat.

Let’s start with the baking sheets in this set.  You get 3 heavy duty stainless steel with no toxic coatings.  Steel is a good heat conductor and you will find that you have even heat distribution with these pans.  There are 3 sizes: 16″ (full size cookie sheet), 12 ” medium sheet and a small 9″ sheet.  Each baking sheet has  a 1″ lip.  The pans are dishwasher safe (they are steel, not aluminum) but you may notice they are not as shiny after a dozen cycles through the dishwasher.  They are sturdy, durable and won’t warp from high heat.

Wildone 3 piece baking sheet set

The silicone mats are the highlight of this set.  Each baking sheet has a fitted silicone mat that can be used for almost all of your baking needs.  Silicone is a polymer and is wonderfully flexible.  It is heat resistant to about 500 degrees, cleans easily, is flexible and won’t stain.  When you use a silicone mat on your baking sheet you are distributing the heat over the entire sheet.  It’s easy to remove your cooked food from the mat and clean up is a breeze.  I don’t know how I baked cookies before I found these mats.  Warm water and soap will get rid of anything that might be on the mat.  I love using silicone mats and wonder why more people don’t.

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Some people have had concerns about health issues with silicone but there are no studies that have shown any problems from using the mats.  The stainless steel baking sheets are not treated with any coating so they also are not adding anything into your food.  From a reliability stand point both the sheets and the mats are high quality and extremely durable.  You will find yourself using these sets for many years.