Welcome To My Kitchen

Welcome To My Kitchen

Cooking is an art form, one to be enjoyed by all and passed on to others with joy.  Your kitchen at home can be a gathering place, a place to create wonderful meals for friends and family.  We want to help you find the best utensils, appliances and recipes for your kitchen, we want you to be the best cook that you can be.

What do you need for your kitchen?  This will vary, depending on what exactly you are going to be doing in your kitchen.  Cooking for one, two or five?  Will you be making a few meals a week or a few meals each day?  Are you comfortable in the kitchen or are you just starting out?  Don’t be intimidated, everyone has to start somewhere and mistakes will be made!

Home Kitchen

Start out your cooking experience by looking at different tools and small appliances that you will need.  Do you need a stand mixer?  Most experiences cooks will say yes.  How about an Instant Pot?  They are certainly a cooking trend today, do you want to try one?  Do you have the basics covered for utensils? You don’t need to spend yourself broke setting up your kitchen but you will want some basic pieces.  Remember, you want to enjoy cooking, it shouldn’t be a chore.

Kitchen Equipment

We have lots of reviews and suggestions for kitchen equipment.  Cooking shows are a good source for ideas when you are ready to buy kitchen tools.  Alton Brown on The Food Network has a great motto for kitchen tools: nothing should be a single purpose tool.  In other words, look for kitchen utensils and tools that can do multiple tasks.


Cooking is like putting a puzzle together and your puzzle guide is your recipe.  Experienced cooks usually have a few recipes that they use all the time and hardly even refer to a recipe anymore, but all of the rest of us need recipes to follow.  We have a few of our favorites posted here and we will add more.  Be creative when collecting recipes.  Go online, go to the library, ask friends and family.  Everybody has a favorite recipe that they will share, that’s the joy of cooking.