Hamilton Beach 3 In 1 Electric Griddle

Hamilton Beach 3 In 1 Electric Griddle

One of the most overlooked small kitchen appliances is the electric griddle. This 3 in 1 unit from Hamilton Beach features reversible griddles for fun grilling, it gives you a lot of cooking options.  Known for well priced, high quality kitchen appliances, Hamilton Beach has created an extremely easy to use electric griddle that allows you to grill and griddle cook, all with the same unit.

Hamilton Beach Electric Griddle With Reversible Plates

Hamilton Beach Electric Griddle With Reversible Plates

A typical electric griddle has a cooking surface that is non-stick and one solid piece.  It will easily handle all of the ingredients for a full breakfast, or you can grill a few a few sandwiches with ease.  There is just one heating element, meaning that the entire griddle surface is at one fixed temperature.

This unique griddle is different, yet the same in some ways.  Instead of one full sized griddle surface, there are two reversible plates that can be set at different temperatures.  One side of the plate is a traditional flat surfaced griddle, the other side is a grill surface.  It has raised ridges and is similar to the design found on your outdoor grill.  Both surfaces are coated with a tough non-stick surface.

Hamilton Beach Electric Griddle With Grill Grates

Two Separate Temperature Controls

This may be the only electric griddle on the market that features temperature controls for both halves of the griddle.  Whether you are using the grill side or the griddle side of the plate, you can set each half of the griddle to a different temperature.  This is a truly interesting idea, not all foods cook well at the same temperature.  Now you can use one side to fry bacon at a higher temperature while setting the other side at a lower temp to scramble eggs.  Both heating elements work very well, there are no hot or cold spots on the cooking surface.

Hamilton Beach Electric Griddle

Wonderfully Easy Clean Up

Cleaning an electric griddle isn’t terribly difficult, but it usually requires washing the grill surface by hand.  Not this unit, almost everything can go into the dishwasher.  Both reversible grilling plates can go into the dishwasher after use, as can the easy to remove dip tray.  The base can be wiped clean with a soapy towel, making clean up a very simple process.

Prices for electric griddles range from $30-$90, depending on size.  This 3 in 1 griddle grill combination is almost found at retail for less than $60, making it far less expensive that a more traditional electric griddle.  The quality is very good, it is a well built small kitchen appliance.  Storage is easy, just slide it into a cupboard and it is out of sight.  Overall, this is an excellent kitchen tool at a very good price.

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