Choosing A Cookie Sheet

Choosing A Cookie Sheet

Every well equipped home kitchen needs to have a few good cookie sheets. You may call them baking sheets, but they handle the same tasks when it comes to cooking and baking.  Choosing a good cookie sheet isn’t terribly complicated, but you will want different types of baking sheets for different foods.

Caliente Non Stick Cookie Sheets

Keep Plenty Of Cookie Sheets On Hand

A cookie sheet, baking sheet or baking tray is a rectangular, flat metal tray used in the oven to prepare baked goods. It’s most commonly used for baking biscuits, sheet cakes and other flat items like cookies, rolled cakes and pizzas. You can use it for roasting all kinds of foods such as meats and vegetables.  A good quality sheet will have raised ridges on each side for those times that you are baking a sheet cake or need the food to stay in the pan.  Some cookie sheets are flat, with no raised edges.

The most widely used cookie sheet, however, is the standard rectangular baking tray, which is made of a thin aluminum or steel and is available in several different thicknesses to suit your baking needs. These are the most common and are used both at home and in the restaurant industry to prepare bagels, rolls and other biscuits. They are also used at home for making muffins and breads as well as pizza, pie and other delights. Baking sheets are generally inexpensive, although you can buy custom-made cookie sheets from some manufacturers to ensure that the final product is of the highest quality. If you’re baking a lot of cookies for a large family or you cook for people on a regular basis, you’ll find that having a few extra cookie sheets on hand at home is worth the price.

Wildone Baking Sheets With Silicone Mats

A fairly new development for baking isn’t the baking sheet but what you use with the baking sheet.  Silicone mats have become go-to kitchen tools for bakers, they make food easier to remove from the cookie sheet.  While some cookie sheets are coated with a non-stick surface, a silicone mat is great for keeping foods from sticking and are very easy to clean up.

One tip when it comes to baking sheets is to have at least two sets.  You can use one set for baking, such as when you make cookies.  The other set can be used for those times that you may roast vegetables or meats.  Roasting meats or vegetables can leave oils or stains on the sheets, making them less usable for cookies or other desserts.