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Thanks for stopping by my cooking site!  I love to cook but it took me a while to get started, I needed a lot of help!  That’s why I started this site, I wanted to share the advice and tips that friends and family gave me when I needed help.  My family had to suffer through some horrible meals until I figured out what I needed to do.  Hopefully you will find some great ideas and recipes that will make your life in the kitchen better.



I have purchased quite a few kitchen tools and appliances over the years and I will try and share the good with the bad with you.  Some of the small appliances are still in use, some were tossed after a short time.  I also have a section of some of my favorite recipes.  I collected some from my mom, my grandmother, a few assorted cookbooks and other place.  Who knows, maybe one will become one of your family’s favorites!  Please send me any recipes that you really like, I will be happy to post them!

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